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Trace Software Pipelining
Wang Jian, Andreas Krall, M.Anton Ertl
1995, 10(6): 481-490.
A New Approach to Fully Automatic Mesh Generation
Min Weidong, Tang Zesheng, Zhang Zhengming, Zhou Yu, Wang Minzhi
1995, 10(6): 491-508.
Net Operations (Ⅱ)-The Iterated Addition Operation of Petri Nets
Jiang Chanaiun
1995, 10(6): 509-517.
General Algorithms for Barnett s Structure in Evidential Reasoning
Guan Jiwen, D.A.Bell
1995, 10(6): 518-535.
A Fault-Tolerant and Heuristic Routing Algorithm for Faulty Hypercubes
Min Youli, Min Yinghua
1995, 10(6): 536-544.
A Necessary Condition about the Optimum Partition on a Finite Set of Samples and Its Application to Clustering Analysis
Ye Shiwei, Shi Zhongzhi
1995, 10(6): 545-556.
Simulation and Improvement of the Processing Subsystem of the Manchester Dataflow Computer
Lai Zhiyong, Zheng Shouqi
1995, 10(6): 557-563.
Design of Multivalued Circuits Based on an Algebra for Current-Mode CMOS Multivalued Circuits
Chen Xiexiong
1995, 10(6): 564-568.
A New Method of Solving Kernels in Algebraic Decomposition for the Synthesis of Logic Cell Array
Ma Guangsheng, Zhang Zhongwei, Huang Shaobin
1995, 10(6): 569-573.
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