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Design and Implementation of a Concurrency Control Mechanism in an Object-Oriented Database System
An Algorithm for Determining Minimal Reduced-Coverings of Acyclic Database Schemes
Normalization of Class Hierarchy in Databases
The Temporal Mechanisms in Hbase
Diagnostic Problem Solving Using First Principles and Heuristics 1
Fuzzy Logic Based Behavior Fusion for Navigation of an Intelligent Mobile Robot
A Kind of Multistage Interconnection Networks with Multiple Paths
NONH:A New Cache-Based Coherence Protocol for Linked List Structure DSM System and Its Performance Evaluation
A Redundant Binary Algorithm for RSA
Using Multivalued Logic in Relational Database Containing Null Value
Combining Gprof and Event-Driven Monitoring for Analyzing Distributed Programs:A Rough View of NCSA Mosaic
A Simplified Model for Generating 3D Realistic Sound in the Multimedia and Virtual Reality Systems
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