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Playing Games and Proving Properties ofConcurrent Systems
Some Notes on Graph Automata, TilingSystems and Partition Logic
Process Calculifor Describing Distributed Systems
Simply-typed Underdeterminism
Calculi for Concurrent Processes
Reaction Graph
An invitation to Friendly Testing
A Crash Course in λ-Calculus
Anothr Definition of Order-Sorted Algebra
An Overview of Duration Calculus
Formal Derivation of Graph AlgorithmicPrograms Using Partition-and-Recur
Explicit Substitutions: A Short Survey
Dependent Type System with Subtyping (I)Type Level Transitivity Elimination
Structures Definable in Polymorphism
Verifying Automata Specification of Distributed Probabilistic Real-Time Systems
Program Constructionby Verifying Specification
Experimental Study on Strategy of CombiningSAT Algorithms
ρ Graph: Rendezvous Ordering Graph forAda Concurrent Programs
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