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Approximation for- Knapsack Problemswith Multiple Constraints
On the Arc Consistency Problem
On k-Positive Satisfiability Problem
An Incremental Approach toAutomatic Algorithm Design
Relative Properties of Frame Language
Topology in Process Calculus (Ⅰ):Limit Behaviour of Agents
The Sequence Modeling Method Based on ECCin Developing Program Specifications
View Creation for Queriesin Object Oriented Databases
A Theory of Hybrid Diagnosis
An Approach to Active Learning for Classifier Systems
Fault Tolerance of Reconfigurable Bi-Directional Double-Loop LANs
Isomorphic Transformations of Uncertaintiesfor Incorporating EMYCIN-Style and PROSPECTOR-Style Systems intoa Distributed Expert System
RAO Logic for Multiagent Framework
Automated Analysis of the SCR-StyleRequirements Specifications
Dynamic Checking Frameworkfor Java Beaus Semantic Constraints
Function Definition Language FDL andIts Implementation
Reasoning about Concurrent Actionsin Multi-Agent Systems
Genetic Programming with Simple Loops
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