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A Formal Framework of Multi-Agent Systems with Requirement/Service Cooperative Style
Efficient Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms on the Reconfigurable Mesh
The Faster Higher-Order Cellular Automaton for Hyper-Parallel Undistorted Data Compression
An Architectural Model for Intelligent Network Management
Fuzzy Neural Network Based Traffic Prediction and Congestion Control in High-Speed Networks
Information Service Model with Mobile Agent Supported
Multicast Protocol for Uni-Directional Networks
SFT: A Consistent Checkpointing Algorithm with Short Freezing Time
A Semantics-Based Approach for Achieving Self Fault-Tolerance of Protocols
A New Speaker Verification Method with Global Speaker Model and Likelihood Score Normalization
A Note on Closeness between NP-Hard Sets and C=P
An Action Analysis for Combining Partial Evaluation
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