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Comparative Study of Two Flow Control Mechanisms in High Speed Networks
Improved Relevance Ranking in WebGather
A Pragmatic Behavior Subtyping Relation Based on Both States and Actions
Notes on Liveness and Boundedness of Extended Strong Asymmetric Choice Nets Ⅱ
Hyper-Distributed Hyper-Parallel Self-Organizing Dynamic Scheduling Based on Solitary Wave
Geometric Deformations Based on 3D Volume Morphing
An Algorithm for LOD by Merging Near Coplanar Faces Based on Gauss Sphere
Robust Speech Recognition Method Based on Discriminative Evironment Feature Extraction
Study on Distributed Knowledge Information System for Product Design
Fault-Tlerant Tree-Based Multicasting in Mesh Multicomputers
Node Grouping in System-Level Fault Diagnosis
Efficient Indirect All-to-All Personalized Communication on Rings and 2-D Tori
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