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Greylevel Difference Classification Algorithm in Fractal Image Compression
Sequential Combination Methods for Data Clustering Analysis
Digital Image Watermarking Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Performance Evaluation of a Parallel Cascade Semijoin Algorithm for Computing Path Expressions in Object Database Systems
A Fast Scalable Calssifier Tightly Integrated with RDBMS
Interactive and Symbolic Data Dependence Analysis Based on Renges of Expressions
IPULOC—Exploring Dynamic Program Locality with the Instruction Processing Unit for Filling Memory Gap
Practical Fast Computation of Zernike Moments
Automatic Segmentation of News Items Based on Video and Audio Features
A Rejection Model Based on Multi-Layer Perceptrons for Mandarin Digit Recognition
A Mixed-Mode BIST Scheme Based on Folding Compression
Deep Performance Analysis of Refined Harmonic Bin Packing Algorithm
A Non-Collision Hash Trie-Tree Based Fast IP Classification Algorithm
A Rate-Based Flow Control Mechanism for Avoiding Congestion
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