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A Simple Fault-Tolerant Adaptive and Minimal RoutingApproach in 3-D Meshes
Secure Web Transaction with Anonymous MobileAgent over Internet
Uni ed Parallel Lattice Structures for Block Time-RecursiveReal-Valued Discrete Gabor Transforms
Approach to the Correlation Discovery of Chinese LinguisticParameters Based on Bayesian Method
A Programmable Approach to Maintenance of a FiniteKnowledge Base
Further Improvement on Dynamic Programming forOptimal Bit Allocation
CALA: A Web Analysis Algorithm Combined with ContentCorrelation Analysis Method
Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Disjunction-FreeDefault Reasoning
A New Approximation Algorithm for Sorting of Signed Permutations
Incorporating Linguistic Structure into MaximumEntropy Language Models
A Fast Block-Matching Algorithm Using Smooth Motion VectorField Adaptive Search Technique
Image-Based Synthesis of Chinese Landscape Painting
Automatic Target Detection by Optimal Morphological Filters
3DIVE: An Immersive Environment for Interactive VolumeData Exploration
Accelerated Backward Warping
Fuzzy Functional Dependencies and Bayesian Networks
Clustering in Very Large Databases Based on Distance and Density
A Hybrid Distributed Optimistic Concurrency Control Methodfor High-Performance Real-Time Transaction Processing
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