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Future Trends in Computer Graphics: How Much is Enough?
A Commit Strategy for Distributed Real-Time Transaction
SSTT: Efficient Local Search for GSI Global Routing
A Fuzzy Approach to Classification of Text Documents
Maintaining Discovered Frequent Itemsets: Cases for ChangeableDatabase and Support
A Novel Multiresolution Fuzzy Segmentation Method on MR Image
Concept Framework for Audio Information Retrieval: ARF
Recent Progress on Selected Topics in Database Research ---A Report by Nine Young Chinese Researchers Working in the United States
Study on Strand Space Model Theory
Probabilistic Belief Logic and Its Probabilistic Aumann Semantics
Eliminating Redundant Search Space on Backtracking for Forward Chaining Theorem Proving
Approaches for Constrained Parametric Curve Interpolation
PCBA: A Priority-Based Competitive Broadcasting Algorithm in Mobile AdHoc Networks
IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function: Enhancement and Analysis
A Distributed Fair Scheduling Scheme in Wireless LAN
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