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Web Caching: A Way to Improve Web QoS
Verifying Functions in Online Stock Trading Systems
QoS Routing Optimization Strategy Using Genetic Algorithm in Optical Fiber Communication Networks
A New Family of Interconnection Networks of Fixed Degree Three
RPE Query Processing and Optimization Techniques for XML Databases
Domain-Specific Ontology of Botany
Rule Extraction: Using Neural Networks or for Neural Networks?
A Note on the Single Genotype Resolution Problem
Provisioning QoS Guarantee by Multipath Routing and Reservation in Ad Hoc Networks
A Conceptual Model of Service Customization and Its Implementation
Performance Enhancement and Bandwidth Guarantee in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs
An Analytical Framework for Performance of Different Fault Restoration Policies with QoS Constraints in MPLS Networks
Authenticating Tripartite Key Agreement Protocol with Pairings
A General Probability Formula of the Number of Location Areas Boundaries Crossed by a Mobile Between Two Successive Call Arrivals
On Fault Tolerance of 3-Dimensional Mesh Networks
Fault-Tolerant Scheduling for Real-Time Embedded Control Systems
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