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Reduct and Attribute Order
Realistic Modeling and Animation of Human Body Based on Scanned Data
Printed Arabic Character Recognition Using HMM
New Multipole Method for 3-D Capacitance Extraction
Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation
New Semantic Model for Authentication Protocols in ASMs
Practical Secret Sharing Scheme Realizing Generalized Adversary Structure
Digital Multi-Signature Scheme Based on the Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
Time Complexity Analysis of an Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding Nearly Maximum Cardinality Matching
Model Checking Real-Time Value-Passing Systems
Binary-Coding-Based Ant Colony Optimization and Its Convergence
Chinese Question-Answering System
Learning-Based Tracking of Complex Non-Rigid Motion
New Algorithm for 3D Facial Model Reconstruction and Its Application in Virtual Reality
Efficient Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Integrated Circuit Cards
Robust Mesh Smoothing
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