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Automatic Modeling of Virtual Humans and Body Clothing
Estimating Subdivision Depth of Catmull-Clark Surfaces
Algebraic Conditions for Classifying the Positional Relationships Between Two Conics and Their Applications
PDE Surface Generation with Combined Closed and Non-Closed Form Solutions
Unified Model in Identity Subspace for Face Recognition
Gradient-Based Approach for Fine Registration of Panorama Images
Image Magnification Method Using Joint Diffusion
Leakage Current Estimation of CMOS Circuit with Stack Effect
Automatic Circuit Extractor for HDL Description Using Program Slicing
HSM2: A New Heuristic State Minimization Algorithm for Finite State Machine
MuscleBuilder: A Modeling Tool for Human Anatomy
Geometric Signal Compression
Multiresolution Free Form Object Modeling with Point Sampled Geometry
Surface Detail Capturing for Realistic Facial Animation
Anti-Aliased Rendering of Water Surface
Layered Textures for Image-Based Rendering
Method of Direct Texture Synthesis on Arbitrary Surfaces
Parametric Tracking of Legs by Exploiting Intelligent Edge
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