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Striping and Scheduling for Large Scale Multimedia Servers
Integrated Differentiated Survivability in IP over WDM Networks
DRMR: Dynamic-Ring-Based Multicast Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
New Approach to WLAN Security with Synchronized Pseudo Random
Semantic and Structural Analysis of TV Diving Programs
Distributed Oblivious Function Evaluation and Its Applications
A Novel Framework for IP DiffServ over Optical Burst Switching Networks
A New Classification of Path-Delay Fault Testability in Terms of Stuck-at Faults
I/O Performance of an RAID-10 Style Parallel File System
Image Authentication Based on Digital Signature and Semi-Fragile Watermarking
Fast Evaluation of Bounded Slice-Line Grid
Some Results on the Minimal Coverings of Precomplete Classes in Partial k-Valued Logic Functions
Optimal Parallel Algorithm for the Knapsack Problem Without Memory Conflicts
Fault Tolerant Algorithm Based on Dynamic and Active Load Balancing for Redundant Services
Memorizable Interactive Proof and Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems
Preemptive Semi-Online Scheduling with Tightly-Grouped Processing Times
Verifying Mutual Exclusion and Liveness Properties with Split Preconditions
Symmetric Structure in Logic Programming
Automatic Generation of Symbolic Model for Parameterized Synchronous Systems
Geometry Theorem Proving by Decomposing Polynomial System into Strong Regular Sets
Event-Based Operational Semantics and a Consistency Result for Real-Time Concurrent Processes with Action Refinement
Practical Type Checking of Functions Defined on Context-Free Languages
Model for Slicing JAVA Programs Hierarchically
Measuring Class Cohesion Based on Dependence Analysis
Extracting Frequent Connected Subgraphs from Large Graph Sets
Efficient Incremental Maintenance of Frequent Patterns with FP-Tree
New Meta-Heuristic for Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Intersection Based Scaling
Algorithm Based on Taboo Search and Shifting Bottleneck for Job Shop Scheduling
Approximation Algorithm for Weighted Weak Vertex Cover
Max-Flow Problem in Undirected Planar Networks with Node Capacities Being in NC
Approximation Algorithm for Bottleneck Steiner Tree Problem in the Euclidean Plane
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