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Recent Advances in Evolutionary Computation
A Dialectal Chinese Speech Recognition Framework
Image Region Selection and Ensemble for Face Recognition
Quaternion Diffusion for Color Image Filtering
Novel Cluster Validity Index for FCM Algorithm
A Test Approach for Look-Up Table Based FPGAs
ACO-Steiner: Ant Colony Optimization Based Rectilinear Steiner Minimal Tree Algorithm
P-Tree Structures and Event Horizon: Efficient Event-Set Implementations
An Improved Algorithm for Finding the Closest Pair of Points
Revisiting the Meaning of Requirements
Remove Irrelevant Atomic Formulas for Timed Automaton Model Checking
Efficient Incremental Maintenance for Distributive and Non-Distributive Aggregate Functions
A Workflow Process Mining Algorithm Based on Synchro-Net
TCP Issues in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Challenges and Solutions
Pseudorandomness of Camellia-Like Scheme
A Near-Optimal Optimization Algorithm for Link Assignment in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Communication Between Speech Production and Perception Within the Brain---Observation and Simulation
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