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Scalable and Practical Nonblocking Switching Networks
Optimal Routing in a Small-World Network
An SPN-Based Integrated Model for Web Prefetching and Caching
Coverage and Exposure Paths in Wireless Sensor Networks
Random Walk Routing in WSNs with Regular Topologies
2DCMA: An Effective Maintenance Algorithm of Materialized Views in Peer Data Management Systems
Globus Toolkit Version 4: Software for Service-Oriented Systems
Design and Implementation of NAREGI SuperScheduler Based on the OGSA Architecture
Automatic Transaction Compensation for Reliable Grid Applications
Client-Centric Adaptive Scheduling of Service-Oriented Applications
QoS-Aware Composite Services Retrieval
A Heuristic Algorithm for Task Scheduling Based on Mean Load on Grid
Performance Aware Service Pool in Dependable Service Oriented Architecture
A Semantic Matchmaker for Ranking Web Services
Facilitating Service Discovery with Semantic Overlay
Using DragPushing to Refine Concept Index for Text Categorization
Dynamic Query Optimization Approach for Semantic Database Grid
BEAP: An End-User Agile Programming Paradigm for Business Applications
Extending Interactive Web Services for Improving Presentation Level Integration in Web Portals
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