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High Performance General-Purpose Microprocessors: Past and Future
Usability Issues of Grid System Software
Massive Storage Systems
Study on Parallel Computing
Progress and Challenges in High Performance Computer Technology
Development of Software Engineering: A Research Perspective
Software Reliability Experimentation and Control
Some Issues on Computer Networks: Architecture and Key Technologies
Research on Next-Generation Internet Architecture
Research on Network Architecture with Trustworthiness and Controllability
Progress and Prospect of Some Fundamental Research on Information Security in China
Automated Reasoning and Equation Solving with the Characteristic Set Method
Model Checking Data Consistency for Cache Coherence Protocols
Some Issues in Quantum Information Theory
Beyond Knowledge Engineering
Multi-Instance Learning from Supervised View
Progress and Challenge of Artificial Intelligence
Database Research: Achievements and Challenges
Chinese Information Processing and Its Prospects
Digital Differential Geometry Processing
Fingerprint-Based Identity Authentication and Digital Media Protection in Network Environment
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