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Simultaneous Minimization of Capacity and Conflict Misses
A model of grid service capacity
Next high performance and low power flash memory package structure
Distributed Storage Cluster Design for Remote Mirroring Based on Storage Area Network
Adaptive call admission control based on reward-penalty model in wireless/mobile network
Engineering the Divide-and-Conquer Closest Pair Algorithm
An Improvement of Herbrands Theorem and Its Application to Model Generation Theorem Proving
Consistency Property of Finite FC-Normal Logic Programs
Comparison of Semantics of Disjunctive Logic Programs Based on Model-Equivalent Reduction
Quasi-Physical Algorithm of an Off-Lattice Model for Protein Folding Problem
Barbed Congruence of Asymmetry and Mismatch
Spatially Adaptive Image Restoration Using Fuzzy Punctual Kriging
Real-Time Texture Synthesis Using s-Tile Set
AHT Bézier Curves and NUAHT B-Spline Curves
Linguistic Theory Based Contextual Evidence Mining for Statistical Chinese Co-Reference Resolution
Secure and Incidental Distortion Tolerant Digital Signature for Image Authentication
Facial Feature Extraction Method Based on Coefficients of Variances
Hierarchical Approximate Matching for Retrieval of Chinese Historical Calligraphy Character
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