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Revocable Ring Signature
Dennis Y. W. Liu, Joseph K. Liu, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, Duncan S. Wong
2007, 22(6): 785-794.
Wavelet Based Image Authentication and Recovery
Rafiullah Chamlawi, Asifullah Khan, Adnan Idris
2007, 22(6): 795-804.
Short Group Signatures Without Random Oracles
Bo Qin, Qian-Hong Wu, Willy Susilo, Yi Mu, Yu-Min Wang, Zheng-Tao Jiang
2007, 22(6): 805-821.
A Protocol for a Private Set-Operation
Rong-Hua Li, Chuan-Kun Wu
2007, 22(6): 822-829.
Autocorrelation Values of New Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Order Two and Length pq
Sheng-Qiang Li, Zhi-Xiong Chen, Xiao-Tong Fu, Guo-Zhen Xiao
2007, 22(6): 830-834.
Simulation and Visualisation of Functional Landscapes: Effects of the Water Resource Competition Between Plants
Vincent Le Chevalier, Marc Jaeger, Xing Mei, Paul-Henry Cournède
2007, 22(6): 835-845.
Simple Reconstruction of Tree Branches from a Single Range Image
Zhang-Lin Cheng, Xiao-Peng Zhang, Bao-Quan Chen
2007, 22(6): 846-858.
A Fast Ambient Occlusion Method for Real-Time Plant Rendering
Jun Teng, Marc Jaeger, Bao-Gang Hu
2007, 22(6): 859-866.
Human Gait Recognition Based on Kernel PCA Using Projections
Murat Ekinci, Murat Aykut
2007, 22(6): 867-876.
Mining Causality for Explanation Knowledge from Text
Chaveevan Pechsiri, Asanee Kawtrakul
2007, 22(6): 877-889.
Fiducial Marker Based on Projective Invariant for Augmented Reality
Yu Li, Yong-Tian Wang, Yue Liu
2007, 22(6): 890-897.
An Improved HEAPSORT Algorithm with n log n - 0.788928n Comparisons in the Worst Case
Xiao-Dong Wang, Ying-Jie Wu
2007, 22(6): 898-903.
A Differential Evolution Approach for Protein Folding Using a Lattice Model
Heitor Silverio Lopes, Reginaldo Bitello
2007, 22(6): 904-908.
Generating Combinations by Three Basic Operations
Yongxi Cheng
2007, 22(6): 909-913.
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