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Revocable Ring Signature
Wavelet Based Image Authentication and Recovery
Short Group Signatures Without Random Oracles
A Protocol for a Private Set-Operation
Autocorrelation Values of New Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Order Two and Length pq
Simulation and Visualisation of Functional Landscapes: Effects of the Water Resource Competition Between Plants
Simple Reconstruction of Tree Branches from a Single Range Image
A Fast Ambient Occlusion Method for Real-Time Plant Rendering
Human Gait Recognition Based on Kernel PCA Using Projections
Mining Causality for Explanation Knowledge from Text
Fiducial Marker Based on Projective Invariant for Augmented Reality
An Improved HEAPSORT Algorithm with n log n - 0.788928n Comparisons in the Worst Case
A Differential Evolution Approach for Protein Folding Using a Lattice Model
Generating Combinations by Three Basic Operations
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