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Taxonomy of Data Prefetching for Multicore Processors
Conditions for Set Agreement with an Application to Synchronous Systems
Multi-Dimensional Scheduling for Real-Time Tasks on Heterogeneous Clusters
Building a Distributed Infrastructure for Scalable Triple Stores
Neural Network Algorithm for Designing FIR Filters Utilizing Frequency-Response Masking Technique
A Distributed Mechanism for Handling of Adaptive/Intelligent Selfish Misbehaviour at MAC Layer in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Towards Next Generation Internet Management: CNGI-CERNET2 Experiences
An Improved Markov Model for IEEE 802.15.4 Slotted CSMA/CA Mechanism
Searching a Polygonal Region by a Boundary Searcher
A New Approach to Graph Recognition and Applications to Distance-Hereditary Graphs
Symbolic Algorithmic Analysis of Rectangular Hybrid Systems
A New Line Symmetry Distance and Its Application to Data Clustering
Pores-Preserving Face Cleaning Based on Improved Empirical Mode Decomposition
Boolean Operations on Conic Polygons
Lumiproxy: A Hybrid Representation of Image-Based Models
Self Localization Method Using Parallel Projection Model for Mobile Sensor in Navigation Applications
Efficient Simplification Methods for Generating High Quality LODs of 3D Meshes
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