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Self-Switching Classification Framework for Titled Documents
Combining Local Scoring and Global Aggregation to Rank Entities for Deep Web Queries
Constraints-Aware Scheduling for Transactional Services Composition
System |Π: A Native RDF Repository Based on the Hypergraph Representation for RDF Data Model
Improved Integrity Constraints Checking in Distributed Databases by Exploiting Local Checking
Cooperative Answering of Fuzzy Queries
Prefetching J+-Tree: A Cache-Optimized Main Memory Database Index Structure
Cache-Conscious Data Cube Computation on a Modern Processor
Optimization Techniques for RFID Complex Event Processing
Edge-Aware Level Set Diffusion and Bilateral Filtering Reconstruction for Image Magnification
Facial Expression Recognition of Various Internal States via Manifold Learning
A Logic-Program-Based Negotiation Mechanism
Survivability Evaluation in Large-Scale Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Cost-Sensitive and Load-Balancing Gateway Placement in Wireless Mesh Networks with QoS Constraints
Combination of Qualitative Information with 2-Tuple Linguistic Representation in DSmT
A New Fuzzy Set Theory Satisfying All Classical Set Formulas
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