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Issues in the Reconstruction of Gene Order Evolution
Challenges in Computational Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data for Proteomics
Protein Interactome Analysis for Countering Pathogen Drug Resistance
Network-Based Predictions and Simulations by Biological State Space Models: Search for Drug Mode of Action
Computational Cellular Dynamics Based on the Chemical Master Equation: A Challenge for Understanding Complexity
New Challenges for Biological Text-Mining in the Next Decade
Challenges in Understanding Genome-Wide DNA Methylation
New Generations: Sequencing Machines and Their Computational Challenges
Genome-Wide Analysis of Epigenetic Modifications
Some Algorithmic Challenges in Genome-Wide Ortholog Assignment
Computational Challenges in Deciphering Genomic Structures of Bacteria
Metagenomics: Facts and Artifacts, and Computational Challenges
Understanding the "Horizontal Dimension'' of Molecular Evolution to Annotate, Classify, and Discover Proteins with Functional Domains
Can We Determine a Protein Structure Quickly?
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