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Outlier Detection over Sliding Windows for Probabilistic Data Streams
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
Efficient Location Updates for Continuous Queries over Moving Objects
Towards Progressive and Load Balancing Distributed Computation: A Case Study on Skyline Analysis
Context-Sensitive Document Ranking
The Inverse Classification Problem
Annotation Based Query Answer over Inconsistent Database
HAPS: Supporting Effective and Efficient Full-Text P2P Search with Peer Dynamics
A Solution of Data Inconsistencies in Data Integration --- Designed for Pervasive Computing Environment
Flash-Optimized B+-Tree
Efficient Distributed Skyline Queries for Mobile Applications
A Query Interface Matching Approach Based on Extended Evidence Theory for Deep Web
Dynamic Damage Recovery for Web Databases
Harmonic Field Based Volume Model Construction from Triangle Soup
Making Slide Shows with Zoomquilts
Model Transduction for Triangle Meshes
Feature Preserving Mesh Simplification Using Feature Sensitive Metric
Geometry Texture Synthesis Based on Laplacian Texture Image
Geometric Bone Modeling: From Macro to Micro Structures
Nonlocal-Means Image Denoising Technique Using Robust M-Estimator
Multilevel Threshold Based Image Denoising in Curvelet Domain
A New Classifier for Facial Expression Recognition: Fuzzy Buried Markov Model
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