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A Survey of Dynamic Software Metrics
Unsupervised WSD by Finding the Predominant Sense Using Context as a Dynamic Thesaurus
A Generalization of Haussler's Convolution Kernel &mdash|Mapping Kernel and Its Application to Tree Kernels
Explanation Knowledge Graph Construction Through Causality Extraction from Texts
Hierarchical Polytope ARTMAP for Supervised Learning
Multilevel Optimization for Large-Scale Hierarchical FPGA Placement
Quasi Delay-Insensitive High Speed Two-Phase Protocol Asynchronous Wrapper for Network on Chips
Novel Geometrical Voxelization Approach with Application to Streamlines
Level-of-Detail Rendering of Large-Scale Irregular Volume Datasets Using Particles
Degeneracy from Twisted Cubic Under Two Views
Volumetric Vector-Based Representation for Indirect Illumination Caching
DICE: An Effective Query Result Cache for Distributed Storage Systems
Self-Adaptive Resource Management for Large-Scale Shared Clusters
ERFC: An Enhanced Recursive Flow Classification Algorithm
QoS-TEOS: QoS Guaranteed Throughput-Effciency Optimal Distributed Scheduling in WiMAX Mesh Networks
Uncertain Distance-Based Range Queries over Uncertain Moving Objects
Building Reusable Remote Labs with Adaptable Client User-Interfaces
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