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Theoretical Treatment of Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Security of the SMS4 Block Cipher Against Differential Cryptanalysis
NuMDG: A New Tool for Multiway Decision Graphs Construction
Chinese New Word Identification: A Latent Discriminative Model with Global Features
Incremental Alignment Manifold Learning
MCGIM-Based Model Streaming for Realtime Progressive Rendering
Light Space Cascaded Shadow Maps Algorithm for Real Time Rendering
Effectively Discriminating Fighting Shots in Action Movies
Saliency-Based Fidelity Adaptation Preprocessing for Video Coding
Multi-Domain Sentiment Classification with Classifier Combination
A New Multiword Expression Metric and Its Applications
Learning Noun Phrase Anaphoricity in Coreference Resolution via Label Propagation
Kernel-Based Semantic Relation Detection and Classification via Enriched Parse Tree Structure
Improvement of Machine Translation Evaluation by Simple Linguistically Motivated Features
Using Syntactic-Based Kernels for Classifying Temporal Relations
Transfer Learning via Multi-View Principal Component Analysis
On/Off-Line Prediction Applied to Job Scheduling on Non-Dedicated NOWs
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