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Fuzzy Diffusion Distance Learning for Cartoon Similarity Estimation
Visibility-Aware Direct Volume Rendering
Multi-Level Partition of Unity Algebraic Point Set Surfaces
Activity Recognition Based on RFID Object Usage for Smart Mobile Devices
Software Agent with Reinforcement Learning Approach for Medical Image Segmentation
A Combinational Perspective in Stimulating Cooperation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Construction of 1-Resilient Boolean Functions with Optimal Algebraic Immunity and Good Nonlinearity
Pseudo-Randomness of Certain Sequences of k Symbols with Length pq
Energy Efficient Backoff Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks
A Fine-Grained Runtime Power/Performance Optimization Method for Processors with Adaptive Pipeline Depth
Design for Testability Features of Godson-3 Multicore Microprocessor
Source Code Prioritization Using Forward Slicing for Exposing Critical Elements in a Program
Software Defect Detection with ROCUS
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