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The TianHe-1A Supercomputer: Its Hardware and Software
Dawning Nebulae: A PetaFLOPS Supercomputer with a Heterogeneous Structure
The Godson Processors: Its Research, Development, and Contributions
Unified UDispatch: A User Dispatching Tool for Multicore Systems
Data Transmission with the Battery Utilization Maximization
Leakage-Aware Modulo Scheduling for Embedded VLIW Processors
Energy Efficient Block-Partitioned Multicore Processors for Parallel Applications
A Resource-Efficient Communication Architecture for Chip Multiprocessors on FPGAs
VERTAF/Multi-Core: A SysML-Based Application Framework for Multi-Core Embedded Software Development
Configuration Reusing in On-Line Task Scheduling for Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Partitioning the Conventional DBT System for Multiprocessors
Energy Efficiency of a Multi-Core Processor by Tag Reduction
Accurate and Simplified Prediction of AVF for Delay and Energy Efficient Cache Design
Physical Implementation of the Eight-Core Godson-3B Microprocessor
Automatic Narrow-Deep Feature Recognition for Mould Manufacturing
Automatic Cage Building with Quadric Error Metrics
As-Rigid-As-Possible Surface Morphing
PM-DFT: A New Local Invariant Descriptor Towards Image Copy Detection
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