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Satisfiability with Index Dependency
A Quadratic Lower Bound for Three-Query Linear Locally Decodable Codes over Any Field
On Isomorphism Testing of Groups with Normal Hall Subgroups
Envy-Free Pricing with General Supply Constraints for Unit Demand Consumers
Worst-Case Nash Equilibria in Restricted Routing
Pricing Loss Leaders Can be Hard
Improving Application Launch Performance on Solid State Drives
A Parallel Interval Computation Model for Global Optimization with Automatic Load Balancing
SWIP Prediction: Complexity-Effective Indirect-Branch Prediction Using Pointers
Active Store Window: Enabling Far Store-Load Forwarding with Scalability and Complexity-Efficiency
Effectiveness Analysis of DVFS and DPM in Mobile Devices
Multidimensional Projections for Visual Analysis of Social Networks
TangiWheel: A Widget for Manipulating Collections on Tabletop Displays Supporting Hybrid Input Modality
Edit Propagation via Edge-Aware Filtering
A Geometric Approach for Multi-Degree Spline
Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising Using a Spatial-Spectral Domain Mixing Prior
2D-Manifold Boundary Surfaces Extraction from Heterogeneous Object on GPU
Lazy Slicing for State-Space Exploration
An Optimized Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for the Closest-Pair Problem in the Planar Case
Some Indices of Alphabet Overlap Graph
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