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Formal Reasoning About Finite-State Discrete-Time Markov Chains in HOL
A Taxonomy of Exact Methods for Partial Max-SAT
Complete Boolean Satisfiability Solving Algorithms Based on Local Search
Exact Computation of the Topology and Geometric Invariants of the Voronoi Diagram of Spheres in 3D
On 2-Site Voronoi Diagrams Under Geometric Distance Functions
On the Toggling-Branching Recurrence of Computability Logic
Arabic Bank Check Processing: State of the Art
Parameter-Free Search of Time-Series Discord
Possibilistic Exponential Fuzzy Clustering
Optimal Feature Extraction Using Greedy Approach for Random Image Components and Subspace Approach in Face Recognition
SR-MAC: A Low Latency MAC Protocol for Multi-Packet Transmissions in Wireless Sensor Networks
Optimal Relay Assignment and Power Allocation for Cooperative Communications
Fuzzy-Based Dynamic Distributed Queue Scheduling for Packet Switched Networks
Fast Smallest Lowest Common Ancestor Computation Based on Stable Match
Query Intent Disambiguation of Keyword-Based Semantic Entity Search in Dataspaces
An Efficient and Spam-Robust Proximity Measure Between Communication Entities
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