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Outage Analysis of Opportunistic Cooperative Ad Hoc Networks with Randomly Located Nodes
Investigation on Key Technologies in Large-Scale MIMO
GPP-Based Soft Base Station Designing and Optimization
Efficient Time Synchronization Approach for Wireless Communication Systems on GPP-Based Software-Defined Radio Platform
A Novel Dynamic Adjusting Algorithm for Load Balancing and Handover Co-Optimization in LTE SON
Simplified MMSE Detectors for Turbo Receiver in BICM MIMO Systems
Lighting Estimation of a Convex Lambertian Object Using Redundant Spherical Harmonic Frames
An Algorithm for Connected-Component Labeling, Hole Labeling and Euler Number Computing
Manifold Constrained Transfer of Facial Geometric Knowledge for 3D Caricature Reconstruction
Interactive Depth-of-Field Rendering with Secondary Rays
Gallbladder Removal Simulation for Laparoscopic Surgery Training: A Hybrid Modeling Method
Affinity-Based Network Interfaces for Efficient Communication on Multicore Architectures
Delay-Constrained Optimized Packet Aggregation in High-Speed Wireless Networks
PROSE: Proactive, Selective CDN Participation for P2P Streaming
A Monte Carlo Enhanced PSO Algorithm for Optimal QoM in Multi-Channel Wireless Networks
An Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Impact of Strangers on Opportunistic Routing Performance
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