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Application-Aware Client-Side Data Reduction and Encryption of Personal Data in Cloud Backup Services
A Temporal Locality-Aware Page-Mapped Flash Translation Layer
RevivePath:Resilient Network-on-Chip Design Through Data Path Salvaging of Router
Low Power State Assignment Algorithm for FSMs Considering Peak Current Optimization
A Shape Graph Logic and A Shape System
Clausal Presentation of Theories in Deduction Modulo
The Infinite Evolution Mechanism of ε-Bisimilarity
Improving Syntactic Parsing of Chinese with Empty Element Recovery
Semantic Role Labeling of Chinese Nominal Predicates with Dependency-Driven Constituent Parse Tree Structure
Non-Intrusive Elastic Query Processing in the Cloud
An Energy-Aware Heuristic Scheduling for Data-Intensive Workflows in Virtualized Datacenters
A Framework for Supporting Tree-Like Indexes on the Chord Overlay
HEDC++:An Extended Histogram Estimator for Data in the Cloud
Partition-Based Online Aggregation with Shared Sampling in the Cloud
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