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Editorial:Moving Forward to Respond to Rapid Changes of Computer Science and Technology
Minimizing the Discrepancy Between Source and Target Domains by Learning Adapting Components
On Density-Based Data Streams Clustering Algorithms:A Survey
Accurate Approximation of the Earth Mover’s Distance in Linear Time
Movie Scene Recognition Using Panoramic Frame and Representative Feature Patches
Related-Key Impossible Differential Attack on Reduced-Round Lblock
Introduction to the Six Leading Editors
Dynamic I/O-Aware Scheduling for Batch-Mode Applications on Chip Multiprocessor Systems of Cluster Platforms
Improving Scalability of Cloud Monitoring Through PCA-Based Clustering of Virtual Machines
Effective Object Identification and Association by Varying Coverage Through RFID Power Control
TuLP:A Family of Lightweight Message Authentication Codes for Body Sensor Networks
Trust-Based Personalized Service Recommendation:A Network Perspective
Effective Error-Tolerant Keyword Search for Secure Cloud Computing
On Unsupervised Training of Multi-Class Regularized Least-Squares Classifiers
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