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Pattern Matching with Flexible Wildcards
Grading the Severity of Mispronunciations in CAPT Based on Statistical Analysis and Computational Speech Perception
Protect You More Than Blank: Anti-learning Sensitive User Information in the Social Networks
Seeing Human Weight from a Single RGB-D Image
Name-Face Association in Web Videos: A Large-Scale Dataset, Baselines, and Open Issues
Crowd Simulation and Its Applications: Recent Advances
Designing Motion Gesture Interfaces in Mobile Phones for Blind People
Assisting Visually Impaired People to Acquire Targets on a Large Wall-Mounted Display
Encoding Spatial Context for Large-Scale Partial-DuplicateWeb Image Retrieval
Querying Big Data: Bridging Theory and Practice
On Unknown Small Subsets and Implicit Measures: New Techniques for Parameterized Algorithms
On some proximity problems of colored sets
Assessing Diagnosis Approaches for Wireless Sensor Networks: Concepts and Analysis
Maximizing Networking Capacity in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Networks
Allocating Bandwidth in Datacenter Networks: A Survey
Trusted Integrated Circuits: the Problem and Challenges
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