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Improved Blocking Time Analysis and Evaluation for the Multiprocessor Priority Ceiling Protocol
Feature-Adaptive Rendering of Loop Subdivision Surfaces on Modern GPUs
A Two-Step Regularization Framework for Non-Local Means
A Holistic Approach for Efficient Contour Detection
Mammogram Enhancement Using Lifting Dyadic Wavelet Transform and Normalized Tsallis Entropy
Semisupervised Sparse Multilinear Discriminant Analysis
Merge-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Speech Recognition
CPL: Detecting Protein Complexes by Propagating Labels on Protein-Protein Interaction Network
Complete Bipartite Anonymity for Location Privacy
Automated Power Control for Virtualized Infrastructures
Improved Linear Attacks on the Chinese Block Cipher Standard
Improved Linear Cryptanalysis of CAST-256
A General Low-Cost Indirect Branch Prediction Using Target Address Pointers
Retention Benefit Based Intelligent Cache Replacement
A Static Greedy and Dynamic Adaptive Thread Spawning Approach for Loop-Level Parallelism
An Intra-Server Interconnect Fabric for Heterogeneous Computing
Memory Efficient Two-Pass 3D FFT Algorithm for Intel® Xeon PhiTM Coprocessor
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