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Reevaluating Data Stall Time with the Consideration of Data Access Concurrency
Tencent and Facebook Data Validate Metcalfe's Law
Software-Defined Cluster
High Performance Interconnect Network for Tianhe System
Fatman: Building Reliable Archival Storage Based on Low-Cost Volunteer Resources
Accelerating Iterative Big Data Computing Through MPI
Global Optimization for Advertisement Selection in Sponsored Search
A New ETL Approach Based on Data Virtualization
VFM: Visual Feedback Model for Robust Object Recognition
RGB-D Hand-Held Object Recognition Based on Heterogeneous Feature Fusion
Robust Video Text Detection with Morphological Filtering Enhanced MSER
Raw Trajectory Rectification via Scene-Free Splitting and Stitching
SRAM-Based FPGA Systems for Safety-Critical Applications: A Survey on Design Standards and Proposed Methodologies
Register Clustering Methodology for Low Power Clock Tree Synthesis
Provisioning of Inter-Domain QoS-Aware Services
Service-Oriented Resource Allocation in Clouds: Pursuing Flexibility and Efficiency
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