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Hetero-DB: Next Generation High-Performance Database Systems by Best Utilizing Heterogeneous Computing and Storage Resources
HAG: An Energy-Proportional Data Storage Scheme for Disk Array Systems
Mining Frequent Itemsets in Correlated Uncertain Databases
A Structure Learning Algorithm for Bayesian Network Using Prior Knowledge
VID Join: Mapping Trajectories to Points of Interest to Support Location-Based Services
Trip Oriented Search on Activity Trajectory
Threshold-Based Shortest Path Query over Large Correlated Uncertain Graphs
On Efficient Aggregate Nearest Neighbor Query Processing in Road Networks
Zip: An Algorithm Based on Loser Tree for Common Contacts Searching in Large Graphs
The Best Answers? Think Twice: Identifying Commercial Campagins in the CQA Forums
Learning to Predict Links by Integrating Structure and Interaction Information in Microblogs
Research on Trust Prediction from a Sociological Perspective
Enhancing Time Series Clustering by Incorporating Multiple Distance Measures with Semi-Supervised Learning
Classifying Uncertain and Evolving Data Streams with Distributed Extreme Learning Machine
Search Result Diversification Based on Query Facets
Leveraging Large Data with Weak Supervision for Joint Feature and Opinion Word Extraction
When Factorization Meets Heterogeneous Latent Topics: An Interpretable Cross-Site Recommendation Framework
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