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Towards Cost-Effective Cloud Downloading with Tencent Big Data
Quantifying the Influence of Websites Based on Online Collective Attention Flow
From Interest to Location: Neighbor-Based Friend Recommendation in Social Media
Enhancing Telco Service Quality with Big Data Enabled Churn Analysis: Infrastructure, Model, and Deployment
SEIP: System for Efficient Image Processing on Distributed Platform
An Efficient Algorithm for Distributed Outlier Detection in Large Multi-Dimensional Datasets
Infrastructure-Free Floor Localization Through Crowdsourcing
A Family of Stable Multipath Dual Congestion Control Algorithms
Throughput Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks Ensembling Physical Layer Measurement
Cognitive Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Privacy Petri Net and Privacy Leak Software
Understanding Sybil Groups in the Wild
Zero-Correlation Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SIMON
Solving Closest Vector Instances Using an Approximate Shortest Independent Vectors Oracle
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