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A Novel Spatial Pooling Strategy for Image Quality Assessment
Pragma Directed Shared Memory Centric Optimizations on GPUs
Wide Operational Range Processor Power Delivery Design for Both Super-Threshold Voltage and Near-Threshold Voltage Computing
Worst-Case Finish Time Analysis for DAG-Based Applications in the Presence of Transient Faults
A Synthesis of Multi-Precision Multiplication and Squaring Techniques for 8-Bit Sensor Nodes: State-of-the-Art Research and Future Challenges
Complete Proof Systems for Amortised Probabilistic Bisimulations
Utilizing Probabilistic Linear Equations in Cube Attacks
Survey on Simulation for Mobile Ad-Hoc Communication for Disaster Scenarios
Identify Congested Links Based on Enlarged State Space
Content-Based Publish/Subscribe System for Web Syndication
Answering Reachability Queries on Incrementally Updated Graphs by Hierarchical Labeling Schema
A Parallel Markov Cerebrovascular Segmentation Algorithm Based on Statistical Model
A Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on Spark for Pairwise Test Suite Generation
Tuning the Learning Rate for Stochastic Variational Inference
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