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Skeleton-Sectional Structural Analysis for 3D Printing
Improving Shape from Shading with Interactive Tabu Search
View-Aware Image Object Compositing and Synthesis from Multiple Sources
A Linear Approach for Depth and Colour Camera Calibration Using Hybrid Parameters
Multi-Task Learning for Food Identification and Analysis with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
A Modified Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Brain MR Image Segmentation and Bias Field Correction
Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Local Orthogonality Preserving Alignment
Texture Repairing by Unified Low Rank Optimization
Variance Analysis and Adaptive Sampling for Indirect Light Path Reuse
Subgroup Discovery Algorithms: A Survey and Empirical Evaluation
Trinity: Walking on a User-Object-Tag Heterogeneous Network for Personalised Recommendations
A Hybrid Method of Domain Lexicon Construction for Opinion Targets Extraction Using Syntax and Semantics
Metadata Feedback and Utilization for Data Deduplication Across WAN
Learning Better Word Embedding by Asymmetric Low-Rank Projection of Knowledge Graph
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