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Dynamic Shortest Path Monitoring in Spatial Networks
Mining Object Similarity for Predicting Next Locations
Web News Extraction via Tag Path Feature Fusion Using DS Theory
Online Feature Selection of Class Imbalance via PA Algorithm
Efficient Set-Correlation Operator Inside Databases
Keyword Query over Error-Tolerant Knowledge Bases
Determining the Real Data Completeness of a Relational Dataset
Content-Related Repairing of Inconsistencies in Distributed Data
Budget Allocation for Maximizing Viral Advertising in Social Networks
HUITWU: An Efficient Algorithm for High-Utility Itemset Mining in Transaction Databases
A Survey of Visual Analytic Pipelines
Improving Metadata Caching Efficiency for Data Deduplication via In-RAM Metadata Utilization
A Data Deduplication Framework of Disk Images with Adaptive Block Skipping
Reducing Synchronization Cost for Single-Level Store in Mobile Systems
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