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Edge Video CDN: A Wi-Fi Content Hotspot Solution
CPA-VoD: Cloud and Peer-Assisted Video on Demand System for Mobile Devices
Interference-Limited Device-to-Device Multi-User Cooperation Scheme for Optimization of Edge Networking
Combined Cloud: A Mixture of Voluntary Cloud and Reserved Instance Marketplace
Semi-Homogenous Generalization:Improving Homogenous Generalization for Privacy Preservation in Cloud Computing
Using Computational Intelligence Algorithms to Solve the Coalition Structure Generation Problem in Coalitional Skill Games
A Tensor Neural Network with Layerwise Pretraining: Towards Effective Answer Retrieval
Enhanced Userspace and In-Kernel Trace Filtering for Production Systems
Reducing the Upper Bound Delay by Optimizing Bank-to-Core Mapping
Efficient Metric All-k-Nearest-Neighbor Search on Datasets Without Any Index
An Efficient Approach of Processing Multiple Continuous Queries
A Buffer Scheduling Method Based on Message Priority in Delay Tolerant Networks
A Script-Based Prototyping Framework to Boost Agile-UX Developments
Highly Optimized Code Generation for Stencil Codes with Computation Reuse for GPUs
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