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Photographic Appearance Enhancement via Detail-based Dictionary Learning
Static Scene Illumination Estimation from Video with Applications
Temporally Consistent Depth Map Prediction Using Deep CNN and Spatial-temporal Conditional Random Field
Medical Sign Recognition of Lung Nodules based on Image Retrieval with Semantic Feature and Supervised Hashing
Collective Representation for Abnormal Event Detection
Captioning Videos Using Large-Scale Image Corpus
Automatic Colorization with Improved Spatial Coherence and Boundary Localization
Discriminative Histogram Intersection Metric Learning and Its Applications
Prior-Free Dependent Motion Segmentation Using Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition Based Object-Motion Oriented Map
A Survey on Human Performance Capture and Animation
Minimizing Resource Cost for Camera Stream Scheduling in Video Data Center
Two-Type Information Fusion Based IP-to-AS Mapping Table Refining
Protecting User Privacy in a Multi-Path Information-Centric Network Using Multiple Random-Caches
Private Keyword-Search for Database Systems Against Insider Attacks
Optimal Path Embedding in the Exchanged Crossed Cube
Length-Changeable Incremental Extreme Learning Machine
EntityManager: Managing Dirty Data Based on Entity Resolution
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