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Differentially Private Event Histogram Publication on Sequences over Graphs
Visual Specification and Analysis of Contract-Based Software Architectures
Three-Layer Joint Modeling of Chinese Trigger Extraction with Constraints on Trigger and Argument Semantics
COSSET+:Crowdsourced Missing Value Imputation Optimized by Knowledge Base
Crowd-Guided Entity Matching with Consolidated Textual Data
Improving the Quality of Crowdsourced Image Labeling via Label Similarity
Budget-aware Dynamic Incentive Mechanism in Spatial Crowdsourcing
Privacy-preserving Task Assignment in Spatial Crowdsourcing
FIMI:A Constant Frugal Incentive Mechanism for Time Window Coverage in Mobile Crowdsensing
An Approach to Automatic Performance Prediction for Cloud-enhanced Mobile Applications with Sparse Data
Evaluation of Remote-I/O Support for a DSM-Based Computation Offloading Scheme
Flexible CP-ABE Based Access Control on Encrypted Data for Mobile Users in Hybrid Cloud System
MimiBS:Mimicking Base-Station to Provide Location Privacy Protection in Wireless Sensor Networks
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