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BENCHIP: Benchmarking Intelligence Processors
A Pipelining Loop Optimization Method for Dataflow Architecture
CPicker: Leveraging Performance-Equivalent Configurations to Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency
A Non-Stop Double Buffering Mechanism for Dataflow Architecture
A Dataflow-Oriented Programming Interface for Named Data Networking
Indexing Techniques of Distributed Ordered Tables: A Survey and Analysis
Where Do Local Experts Go? Evaluating User Geo-Topical Similarity for Top-N Place Recommendation
3D Face Similarity Measure by Fréchet Distances of Geodesics
Robust Visual Tracking Based on Convolutional Features with Illumination and Occlusion Handing
A Large-Scale Study of Failures on Petascale Supercomputers
Spear and Shield: Evolution of Integrated Circuit Camouflaging
Endurable SSD-Based Read Cache for Improving the Performance of Selective Restore from Deduplication Systems
Hot Data Identification with Multiple Bloom Filters: Block-Level Decision vs I/O Request-Level Decision
SplitPass: A Mutually Distrusting Two-Party Password Manager
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