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CoC: A Unified Distributed Ledger Based Supply Chain Management System
An Intelligent Transportation System Application for Smartphones Based on Vehicle Position Advertising and Route Sharing in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
A Flocking-Based on Demand Routing Protocol for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
LLMP: Exploiting LLDP for Latency Measurement in Software-Defined Data Center Networks
An Efficient Two-Phase Model for Computing Influential Nodes in Social Networks Using Social Actions
A Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for the Minimum Weight Dominating Set Problem
Modeling the Correlations of Relations for Knowledge Graph Embedding
A Novel Fine-Grained Method for Vehicle Type Recognition Based on the Locally Enhanced PCANet Neural Network
Collusion-Proof Result Inference in Crowdsourcing
CrowdOLA: Online Aggregation on Duplicate Data Powered by Crowdsourcing
A New Revocable and Re-Delegable Proxy Signature and Its Application
BCDC: A High-Performance, Server-Centric Data Center Network
GPU-Driven Scalable Parser for OBJ Models
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