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Visual Simulation of Multiple Fluids in Computer Graphics: A State-of-the-Art Report
Augmented Flow Simulation based on Tight Coupling between Video Reconstruction and Eulerian Models
Modeling Garment Seam from a Single Image
Geometry of Motion for Video Shakiness Detection
Multi-exposure Motion Estimation based on Deep Convolutional Networks
Image Smoothing Based on Image Decomposition and Sparse High Frequency Gradient
Facial Image Attributes Transformation via Conditional Recycle Generative Adversarial Networks
How to wear beautiful? Clothing pair recommendation
Practical Constant-Size Ring Signature
ShadowEth: Private Smart Contract on Public Blockchain
Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Based on Blockchain
Lightweight and Manageable Digital Evidence Preservation System on Bitcoin
Untrusted Hardware Causes Double-fetch Problems in the I/O Memory
A Unified Measurement Solution of Software Trustworthiness Based on Social-to-Software Framework
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