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A Survey on Expert Recommendation in Community Question Answering
Jointly Recommending Library Books and Predicting Academic Performance: A Mutual Reinforcement Perspective
Multiple Auxiliary Information Based Deep Model for Collaborative Filtering
Exploiting Pre-Trained Network Embeddings for Recommendations in Social Networks
Discovering Functional Organized Point of Interest Groups for Spatial Keyword Recommendation
Hashtag Recommendation Based on Multi-Features of Microblogs
A Generative Model Approach for Geo-Social Group Recommendation
Illuminating Recommendation by Understanding the Explicit Item Relations
PTM: A Topic Model for the Inferring of the Penalty
A Survey on Task and Participant Matching in Mobile Crowd Sensing
Complete Your Mobility: Linking Trajectories Across Heterogeneous Mobility Data Sources
Hierarchical Clustering of Complex Symbolic Data and Application for Emitter Identification
A Two-Player Coalition Cooperative Scheme for the Bodyguard Allocation Problem
3D Filtering by Block Matching and Convolutional Neural Network for Image Denoising
Mining Semantic Trajectory Patterns from Geo-Tagged Data
A Gradient-Domain Based Geometry Processing Framework for Point Clouds
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