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Extending SSD Lifespan with Comprehensive Non-Volatile Memory-Based Write Buffers
Secure Inverted Index Based Search over Encrypted Cloud Data with User Access Rights Management
Learning to Generate Posters of Scientific Papers by Probabilistic Graphical Models
Controllability and Its Applications to Biological Networks
Who Should Be Invited to My Party: A Size-Constrained k-Core Problem in Social Networks
On Maximum Elastic Scheduling in Cloud-Based Data Center Networks for Virtual Machines with the Hose Model
A Survey on the Moving Target Defense Strategies: An Architectural Perspective
A Cost-Efficient Approach to Storing Users' Data for Online Social Networks
Decoding the Structural Keywords in Protein Structure Universe
Texture Feature Extraction from Thyroid MR Imaging Using High-Order Derived Mean CLBP
Privacy-Protective-GAN for Privacy Preserving Face De-Identification
ROCO: Using a Solid State Drive Cache to Improve the Performance of a Host-Aware Shingled Magnetic Recording Drive
Enabling Highly Efficient k-Means Computations on the SW26010 Many-Core Processor of Sunway TaihuLight
Scaling out NUMA-Aware Applications with RDMA-Based Distributed Shared Memory
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