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Moving Objects with Transportation Modes: A Survey
Location and Trajectory Identification from Microblogs
Scalable and Adaptive Joins for Trajectory Data in Distributed Stream System
A United Framework for Large-Scale Resource Description Framework Stream Processing
Searching Activity Trajectories with Semantics
On the Expressive Power of Logics on Constraint Databases with Complex Objects
Diversifying Top-k Routes with Spatial Constraints
Improved Task and Resource Partitioning Under the Resource-Oriented Partitioned Scheduling
RAID 4SMR: RAID Array with Shingled Magnetic Recording Disk for Mass Storage Systems
Edge Computing Based Applications in Vehicular Environments: Comparative Study and Main Issues
Algorithms for Handoff Minimization in Wireless Networks
A Lightweight Dynamic Enforcement of Privacy Protection for Android
SRNET: A Shallow Skip Connection Based Convolutional Neural Network Design for Resolving Singularities
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