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Mochi: Composing Data Services for High-Performance Computing Environments
ExaHDF5: Delivering Efficient Parallel I/O on Exascale Computing Systems
SmartPipe: Towards Interoperability of Industrial Applications via Computational Reflection
Labeled Network Stack: A High-Concurrency and Low-Tail Latency Cloud Server Framework for Massive IoT Devices
CirroData: Yet Another SQL-on-Hadoop Data Analytics Engine with High Performance
A Case for Adaptive Resource Management in Alibaba Datacenter Using Neural Networks
AquaSee: Predict Load and Cooling System Faults of Supercomputers Using Chilled Water Data
Design and Implementation of the Tianhe-2 Data Storage and Management System
Ad Hoc File Systems for High-Performance Computing
Lessons Learned from Optimizing the Sunway Storage System for Higher Application I/O Performance
Gfarm/BB—Gfarm File System for Node-Local Burst Buffer
GekkoFS—A Temporary Burst Buffer File System for HPC Applications
I/O Acceleration via Multi-Tiered Data Buffering and Prefetching
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