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Incremental Multi-Label Learning with Active Queries
Joint Label-Specific Features and Correlation Information for Multi-Label Learning
Discrimination-Aware Domain Adversarial Neural Network
Efficient Multiagent Policy Optimization Based on Weighted Estimators in Stochastic Cooperative Environments
Exploiting Structural and Temporal Influence for Dynamic Social-Aware Recommendation
Semi-Supervised Classification of Data Streams by BIRCH Ensemble and Local Structure Mapping
Sequential Recommendation via Cross-Domain Novelty Seeking Trait Mining
Finding Communities by Decomposing and Embedding Heterogeneous Information Network
Exploiting Multiple Correlations Among Urban Regions for Crowd Flow Prediction
You Are How You Behave-Spatiotemporal Representation Learning for College Student Academic Achievement
PetroKG: Construction and Application of Knowledge Graph in Upstream Area of PetroChina
Optimistic Transaction Processing in Deterministic Database
MPI-RCDD: A Framework for MPI Runtime Communication Deadlock Detection
Interference Analysis of Co-Located Container Workloads: A Perspective from Hardware Performance Counters
IMPULP: A Hardware Approach for In-Process Memory Protection via User-Level Partitioning
Huge Page Friendly Virtualized Memory Management
Bigflow: A General Optimization Layer for Distributed Computing Frameworks
A Machine Learning Framework with Feature Selection for Floorplan Acceleration in IC Physical Design
SIES: A Novel Implementation of Spiking Convolutional Neural Network Inference Engine on Field-Programmable Gate Array
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